Pricing and Fees

All appraisal fees are customized and based on the complexity of the assignment, uniqueness of the property, location and availability of data. The more complex the assignment the higher the typical fee. 

Restricted Appraisal Appraisal Report                      
Short Format
$1,250 - Starting
Narrative Appraisal
$1,500 - Starting

Appraisals are completed based on fixed amounts and do not vary from the original bid.

Savings can be realized by limiting the scope of an assignment, including required analysis, site visit or providing full data for analysis. Hourly consulting assignments can be arranged on a not to exceed fee basis.

Appraisal assignments start after receiving a full retainer payment and signed engagement letter.
Retainer is not applicable for federally regulated lending institutions.
Check or wire transfer is the preferred method of payment. Credit Card payments can be arranged with a 3% surcharge. 

Tell us about the property you need appraised

Enter basic information about your property, reason for the report, and we will reply as soon as possible with a fee quote and an estimated schedule. 
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Tell us about the property you'd like appraised
Tell us about the property you'd like appraised